What You can Learn from the Most Popular Pinterest Pins

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Success on Pinterest is largely determined by the performance of each individual pin. How many times it is repinned, how many new followers it pulls in, and what sort of clicks you get from it are what make it a success. Your Pinterest marketing can learn a lot from analyzing other Pinterest pins which have succeeded. Let’s cut the intro short and get right to it!

Popular Pinterest pins perform positively!

Where to find these pins

First, you should learn how to find well-performing pins that you can study on your own. For this article I used Repinned.net. They feature popular pins that can be narrowed by category to make it even easier for you to study something truly relevant to you.

Second, you can go on the boards of your competitors and boards you like. This takes time, but think of it as time invested in studying what your audience enjoys. Be sure to look at repins, likes, and comments to determine how successful a pin is.

popular pinterest pinsGloHoliday make a blog a pin

This pin from GloHoliday is actually a blog post with a striking image. Pins like this succeed, first of all, for their striking imagery. There is simply no replacement for creating a pin with an incredible image. Be sure to play to Pinterest’s strength and create images which look good in portrait, not landscape, orientation.

The second aspect of why this did so well is because it’s more than a photo. This image is connected to a blog post. The blog post gives the image more context, and more information. People love to repin and share with their friends when there’s more information to share.

What you need to learn here is that you must have a plan for pins you create which start somewhere deeper in your online marketing strategy. Create pins from blog posts, products, videos, and everything else!

pinterest pins marketingThe Sworkit App wants to help you

The Sworkit App was built to help you get exercise. It’s filled with custom workouts and videos so you can learn the correct movements without paying for a personal trainer. They used the pin above to help push you towards using their product by giving you information …just enough information to kinda, sorta get by on your own without the app.

Value-added Pinterest pins always do well. The whole point of any social media marketing campaign is to add value to the lives of your followers, and for them to share that information with their friends. A pin like this is perfect as it gives out a bit of information, while still making the product relevant.

better pinterest pins marketingBank of America goes looking for the right target market

Knowing which type of people you’re going to find on any given platform is vital. Bank of America knew that they wanted to reach a Millennial audience. They went right to Pinterest and got to work on finding that audience, and find them they did using their Better Money Habits account.

An interesting point is that they didn’t outright brand the account as theirs. I mean, who wants to follow the Bank of America on Pinterest? Instead they created this account and listed themselves as the company ‘presenting’ the pins.

They have also taken to organizing their pins in ways that are easy to understand:

  • Kids and money
  • Buying a home
  • New baby
  • Financial resolutions
  • Budgeting basics
  • Wedding planning
  • Travel plans

All of the basics that a Millennial will need, and all of it is connected to Bank of America.

pinterest pins sephoraSephora go where their audience takes them

Sephora started to notice back in 2012 that their fans were telling them something: They wanted to pin their makeup ideas to Pinterest. Sephora didn’t even have a Pinterest account at the time, a mistake which they soon corrected.

What Sephora have done is realize exactly what their fans want: to see makeup and to be left alone to admire it. Sephora hardly ever use text or calls to action. They let their fans do the work as they were already doing it before Sephora joined. It works because Sephora responded to their fans.

What are your fans telling you? Pay attention to your Pinterest analytics, and your entire online marketing campaign, to see where your opportunities are.

Nordstrom connect online and offlinepinterest pins example

Nordstrom have been in the retail business for 112 years. They know how to market, and their Pinterest marketing is no exception. The success of all of their Pinterest pins, even the one above, is largely thanks to how they blend online and offline marketing right in their stores.

Nordstrom are keen on analytics. They watch their click statistics on their website and create pins based on what they observe. The other part of their analytics is that they track what’s popular on Pinterest and add tags and signage to it in stores. Not only does this help people find product they saw online, but it also pushes them to take a photo and create their own Pinterest pins.

The pin above is from their Our Favorite Things board. These pins are almost all exclusively products from Nordstrom’s website which you can click to go directly to the landing page.

What you learned from the most popular Pinterest Pins

The pins above all succeeded in different ways. This shows that your business, no matter what it is, can find space on Pinterest to succeed. Take a look at:

  • GloHoliday: Creating rich content so that your pins to have more relevance, pinning a blog post is a great idea!
  • Sworkit: How you can create content which adds value to the lives of those who see it. Give them just enough to be interested, and then pull them to your website or app for more.
  • Bank of America: Targeting the right audience on each platform is important. You may not find every customer you could target in the world on Pinterest, but there is a segment you can appeal to with the right content.
  • Sephora: Following your audience to where they want to be, and then giving them what they want. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just listen to your fans!
  • Nordstrom: Connecting online and offline tactics, with strong analytical consideration, drives traffic in a number of ways. Not only can you create the content your fans want, you can have them in your store creating content for you.

Pinterest is a rich online marketing opportunity. Your success or failure will largely be determined by your pins, and how your followers react to them.


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